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I am a person and this is my online presence. My given name is "Johann". I don't like talking about work online so I won't talk about it. If you need to know, I do technical QA. When I'm not working, I'm usually online. When I'm online, I indulge in various social networks to hear the latest news from my friends with similar interests. Some of these interests include Japanese Idol culture, UK Drum & Bass, video games, gadgetry, and various technological topics. If I'm not online, I might be playing video games. I enjoy many kinds of video games but have been enjoying the racing simulation, city planning, and action RPG genres lately. Sometimes, I can be at a rock climbing gym. I can usually flash 5.8s and easy bouldering routes. Late at night, when I'm feeling creative, I could be remixing songs or making a website. Some sites I've been working on in my leisure time include the website to Idol Matsuri and the official website to Japanese-Pop inspired group 4TE. Regardless of what I'm doing, I try to keep busy as best I can.

I have a Blog but I rarely update it. I'm very active on Twitter. I'd link my Facebook page here but it just recycles my Twitter feed. All of my Instagram pictures end up on Twitter. My Soundcloud has a bunch of idolpop remixes but I won't be quitting my day job for a music career any time soon. I keep track of the music I listen to on Some of the things I code are on Github. I stream on Twitch sometimes with no set schedule. I play a lot of Diablo III and wouldn't mind some buddies to level with. I also play some games on Steam and could always use new friends.

Tweet at me or something if you like this. Thanks for visiting.